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Looperlative LP-2 MINI looper unveiled at NAMM

Rick Walker here with some exciting live looping technology news:

I just wanted to everybody to know that* Bob Amdstadt *
will be unveiling his new *LP-2 MINI looper* at *NAMM *
next weekend in *Anaheim.
My brother *Bill Walker *and *I* will be demoing it (and the LP-1 
at the* Looperlative Booth.6244,  Hall A.*

We'll be *one booth off of the main artery *of the *NAMM show*, visible 
from the
main artery and* right across from KORG.*

I"m really excited to demo this unit.  It has a combined feature set 
never found in an inexpensive
floor model stomp box pedal before.

Here's why.

*LP-2 MINI looper *feature set:

*Midi Sync* * (in/out)   *
*Balanced *and *UnBalanced Inputs *(for microphones with tip/ring/sleeve 
*20 db boost option on input*
*20+ levels of Undo*
*Feedback *(with automatic Undo points at every 10% reduction of feedback)
*Retrigger (One Shot)*
*Retrigger (Play Continuously)*
*1/2 Speed/Double Speed*
*1/4 Speed/Quadruple Speed*
*Quantized Slice Replacement *at these musical increments:
*1/8, 1/16,  for 4/4*,    *1/12, 1/24    *for* triplet 8ths *and* 
triplet 16ths*
*1/7, 1/9, 1/10    for odd time signatures   * *
1/64 * for *glitching*
*Storage (and retrieval) *of up to* 8 loops *on a* 4 gig SD Card*
*Battery Operated* (one 9v battery for 2 hours continuous play)
*or** Wall Wart AC adapter
Compact Size
Snazzy Purple Color *<smile>

And all for an as yet undetermined street price of between $250 and  $300

We hope to see you all at *NAMM booth 6244  Hall A*.
Come check it out!
Bob will be there for the duration of the show.  
Bill and I will be there on Saturday and Sunday.