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Line-6 FBV MKII Shortboard Midi Floor Controller

Hullo Folks!

I was wondering if I could trouble anyone for an opinion on the Line-6
MKII Shortboard. I'm currently using a footswitch plugged into a Korg
PadKontrol to record loops and am looking to get something that will
free my hands up a little. I predominately work through Ableton Live
or Mainstage, and sometimes I use SooperLooper as a plugin. I'm on a

I understand that the Line-6 only sends CC's rather than notes, will
this be a problem? I know the FCB1010 is popular but the handiness of
the Line-6's USB output and the included mapping software is making it
rather tempting.

I've also heard that Line-6 devices aren't working with Snow Leopard
and that the switches on the Shortboard are a little loud (which would
be a problem for acoustic/mic looping). Can anyone confirm any of

Any experience with this controller would be much appreciated, or
general advice on any other controllers you think might be suitable.
(Has anyone seen/used these? http://younfx.com)

I run a ronroco, an electric guitar, a digital piano, acoustic guitar
and a mic through a mixer and then into a macbook.

Thanks for any help!