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Album Release Notification: Rainer Straschill - The MoinSound StudioSessions

MSSS Cover
For those of you who've spent time listening to/watching my bi-weekly virtual concert series, this does not come as a surprise: an album compiling the highlights (from my point of view) of this series in 2009 has been released as "The MoinSound Studio Sessions" (or MSSS for short).

But - and this explanation especially for those who haven't been "there" - what does it contain?
MSSS can be seen as a combination of my trombone-and-vocals approach as presented on my 2008 World Tour and on the Wie groß ist die Luft ? album, and the earlier, highly multi-instrumentalist work e.g. on Weird Specialist.

The sessions, and those who have been following them dutifully (thanks again!) may second that, were as much a basis for experiments as they were a proper concert series - and with that comes the challenge to compile a somewhat coherent album from it - yet, with nearly ten hours of recorded music available, this can (and did) work.

Musically, the usual freely-improvised approach which I've been following since 2000 is combined with heavy use of what people call "advanced looping techniques", making use especially of those clever EDP techniques of odd multiplys and SusOverdub, made even more complex by the application of Mobius' multiple tracks. The heavily effected trombone and vocal noises find companions in melodica, soprano saxophone, Eighties' synths, recorder, acoustic and electric guitar and bass guitar and bits of noise electronics.

On eight proper tracks, divided evenly by three short intermezzos, the album goes from lush synth melodies ("Chronologically Gifted") to EDPified distorted guitar ("Leather Allergy"), from odd meters ("Sequencing Bad Mojo") to avantgarde-dub-reggae (with bass noises and screaming filtered delays on "Life in High-Dimensional Spaces") and all the way in between.

The album is both available for download (FREE!) and for purchase - and although purchasing it costs dear money, I would go as far as suggesting it, because I believe the cover art just rules!
Website Link: http://moinlabs.de/index.php?id=282
Shop Link: http://kunaki.com/sales.asp?PID=PX00ZGZZXJ

(And while you're there, you may as well take a look at my reorganized website)

Any feedback is welcome!

With all the best wishes for the coming year,


ps: People who've been following my last releases will find that, unlike the last three albums, this one does not appear on Jamendo, rather on Bandcamp. Why is that, you ask? Unfortunately, Jamendo, which is a hosting service with listener and artist community for CC-licensed music, has gone the way of everything CC/free information/other forms of modern information managment in the French- or German-speaking world. While the idea of this and similar projects (wikipedia, archive.org,...) is to grant a free access to information both for authors and consumers, countries and nationalities with a tendency to certain stalinist/faschist practices are obviously not a place for this to work. The most stunning example is the German version of Wikipedia, which has been for some time firmly in the grasp of persons who oviously believe that the world of CC and free information is a proper playground for Blockwarts and Reichsführer, out of their regular former jobs at least since the demise of the GDR. That means that (both in the case of German-language wikipedia and, in a worse form on Luxembourg-based jamendo) some personae hold a firm grip on which information they deem worthy and which one they do not (based on non-transparent rules of their own making). To avoid any confusion - it's not that anyone at Jamendo has actually  declined my work, but keeping an album in the release queue for more than ten days without result while I can sign up, upload and start streaming in less than 30 minutes on Bandcamp clearly made Jamendo a no-go-area for me.