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Re: videos and music and music sales

So far this lifetime my sense is that musicians don't want anything beyond the music, but the non-musician audience members are prone to needing being "entertained" and therein lies the rub. On the other side of the issue how many musicians prefer to close their eyes when they play rather than be distracted by what they might see?  Or as Eno relates- that it is time to quit the band/performance when you find yourself thinking about doing your laundry during the show. No starch.

                                                                                                                                                             bryan helm

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Subject: videos and music and music sales

I have a theory I'd like to run by the readers of this list.  In a nutshell it goes like this,
"...people can handle more challenging music if it's accompanied by a cool video."
Do you agree?  Have any of you added video to your looping music and discovered it helped increase sales?
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