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Re: airlines regulations - no instruments on board?

I only have domestic experience but have quite a bit of that.  In recent years I've been traveling with 2 to 3 instruments plus some form of gear/laptop bag.  In years past I have gotten stressed out either trying to get more on the plane or worried about my oud or violin getting hammered by somebody's roller case in the overhead.  For the last two trips I've just let go, paid the extra bags fees and taken minimal on the plane, this last trip to CA (Virgin Atlantic which was another nightmare story) just took laptop bag and violin on the flight, checked my oud and guitar stashing most of my pedeal gear in the oud case and in many ways it was much less stress.  Due to birdstrike, canceled unexplained flights, having to miss a gig due the former and checked instruments not coming in until the next day, unfortunately these latter balanced out my lowered stress gained raising the level back to where it would have been normally.  Twas an adventure.  I will say knock on the proverbial wood I have yet to had an instrument damaged by the airlines though every time I check one I'm sure I'm going to open the case and the headstock is going to wrecked but never has so far.
I do think given the new scare in Detroit and the fellow in London that things are only going to get more difficult as Zoe suggested.