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Re: airlines regulations - no instruments on board?

I can't argue with that. Even worse is that each airport is different  
and each security screening line will be different.

--Bob Amstadt

On Dec 28, 2009, at 9:48 AM, Rainer Straschill  
<moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:

>> I'm no expert but the newspaper here didn't say anything about no  
>> carry on. They did say that passengers wouldn't be allowed to  
>> access their carry on in the last hour of flight.
> Your experiences may still not compare to those Erdem is bound to  
> have, given the fact that neither your name nor the country in your  
> passport hint as islamist terrorist connections. (Not that Turkey  
> has had that connection either ever since Atatürk, but who are we to 
>  expect that knowledge from the US people? ;)