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Re: OREGON LOOPERS - unqualified comment

Revfever schrieb:
> I can also offer any help that I am able to for this event, as long as 
> it happens in Portland. (I don't do all that much traveling.) I also 
> won't be performing but will be glad to assist in however I can. A few 
> places here in Ptld that immediately come to mind as *potential* ( no 
> guarantees) venues are Holocene, The Someday Lounge, and Rotture. 
> There may(?) be others that I am forgetting about, but these 3 are 
> kool places, and

Now I'm not from Oregon, not even from near it, and have never been to 
it (no, wait...Wilsonville, that's Oregon, ain't it), but checking out 
the venues you suggested, I'd vote for Rotture hands down.
With acts like "Fist Fite", Serious Business", "Rude Dudes", "Boy Meets 
Club", "Hooliganship" and, best of all, (warning: loop-related content 
ahead) "Welcome Home Walker", this may fit perfectly with our scene ;).


(there's a sad thing for me to notice. All of those places you mention 
seem to be cool in some way - well, perhaps the Holocene mostly. I found 
it always odd that I don't have the faintest idea what the good places 
here in München are to do fun stuff, which has to do with the fact that 
most of the time when enjoying music I sit at home and either play it 
myself or listen to other people's conserved stuff...well, enough of 
that rant. Perhaps there's a chance I can change that next year...)