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Re: EDP and Guitar to Midi Converter, Misc Looper Station Stuff For Sale.


Sorry to see you selling this stuff off.

It's a surprise to find yet another looper in Oregon.

People don't speak up and say where they're from often enough.

Hope your sale work out for you.

I've got all the EDPs (2) and guitar-to-midi stuff (Roland) I need  

I might start divesting myself of some gear soon too.

If you ever get down Medford way give a shout out.



On Dec 25, 2009, at 9:59 AM, Christopher Darrow wrote:

> Hi. I still have these so I thought I'd repost. Again, I usually  
> just sell locally (Portland Oregon) but I'd be willing to ship for  
> fellow loopers, since this is my looping station. Shipper pays  
> shipping though.
> EDP with Footswitch: 
> AXON Guitar to Midi converter and sound source: 
> They're both in a 2 space rack mount that is a little tricked out,  
> actually... I put mounted jack plates (few xlr, few 1/4") on the  
> side and 2 mike holder screw bases on the top so you can wire a  
> connection to them from the back of your stuff and only ever have to  
> jack into the side rather then reach in and so you can attach a  
> goose neck mic holder. Two actually, vocals and sax is what I used  
> it for.
> I have no idea what I'd charge for that. Probably pretty much for  
> what you'd by the 2 space rack mount for new. So if you're  
> interested in that let me know. I also have an amp stand I put the  
> rack mount on so it faces up at an angle. And footswitches. And a  
> bunch of RDL mixers. (Google Radio Design Labs... tiny little  
> mixers, switchers, noise gates etc. You wire them yourself, that's  
> why they're so small. They're also SUER quiet and high quality.
> Everything's in great shape.
> Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Etc.!
> ---Christopher Darrow
>    503.327.9329