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Re: Social Networking Benefits to Independent Musicians

1. Firstly, when did you discover the Internet?

In 1996

2. If so, how has the Internet been of a benefit to you as an artist,
or other artists you know?

Yes, internet has been a benefit under several points of wiev:
1 to obtain freeware software and  tecnical support
2 to keep in contact people from different coutries but with same approach
3 to organize events and shows
and so on!

3. Can you think of any negative effects internet technologies have
had on artists (for example, say, people getting annoyed by th
e-flying that swamped message boards on MySpace or perhaps very
expensive and very annoying advertising campaigns by the majors)?

Yes a little but not so much negative, in my opinion the only negative 
aspect is the power of
the infinite quantity of stuffs and possibilities that the web and 
tecnology in genre offer.
But i think that positive aspects are the mains.

4. Do you think the way artists use the internet has changed in the last 
10 years,
and do you think this will change in the next 10, if so, how?

Yes surely! things are more simple with internet, internet can join 
people and can really
make the difference  in quantity. But all this has a its back of the medal:
giving to everybody this stuffs can drammatically reduce the quality and 
flatters the offers
we must use it with consciusness (can we say it?) and responsability.
In the future theese problems will be even more important and relevant.

Thank you
Max Liver (Florence . Italy)

> I really hope you can help me out, and if you do, you'll be cited in
> my report:)  So far I've managed to get a handful responses - of which
> most are from UK artists, although I have managed to get a couple of
> willing New York antifolkers involved, as well as my boss at the
> venue.
> Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing back from you.
> Andy