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Re: looping and the public and categorization

i'm always happy and grateful to be on any list that anyone makes!!!  
of course.
there are many out there already (lists of non-classical cellists, for  
example). i'm just saying that i don't actively try to call out those  
categories in my biography or press.

On Dec 16, 2009, at 3:49 AM, Matthias Grob wrote:

> 2
> Since you don't like to feel in a category, you don't like if others  
> put you in one?
> as a consequence:
> If we finally come around to list the LL musicians (which is not  
> easy, thats why we did not do it yet, but the youtube.com/ 
> livelooping playlist end up being such a list already) would you  
> prefer not to be on the list?
> you really want me to take you out of the *Featured  
> Instrumentalists* ?
> damdidamdidam...
> since we are a bunch of artist here, we don't need to be logical,
> I feel we all love to mention you even if you don't mention us :-)