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Re: looping and the public and categ

I've got a couple of silly questions about
this gi-normous discussion.  They may indeed
be silly or pointless, or even in the wrong
direction.  But, they've been bugging me the
last couple days. I am aware of both the
variety of methods and genres that encompass
LiveLooping and considering that:

1)Do you really mean "brand" or do you mean
to simply make more popular?

2)If to brand something, LiveLooping seems more
of a description than a brand name.  Why not
continue branding LD?  I mean, that's a cool
name that could also encompass many things.

I guess this would bring up other questions
like: is LD only for the musicians that are
into Looping?  Would the owner of the website
and listServe be ok or mad at that? Would that
just lead to more spam on the list?

which brings me to something that I don't know
(and forgive me if I'm supposed to, I've owned
and EDP for about 1 year and been on this list
even less).

3) @Rick -  Why did you or what was the reasoning
for naming your Fest Y2K? I mean it's a cool name
and all. But, to continue branding the LL thing,
would it not be better to include the words
in the title of your Fest?

4) which is more of an example of: What would
be so bad about something like the title followed
by the description, which would offer up different
opps and flexibility?
Loopers-Delight presents: Ambient Trance
Loopers-Delight presents: Acapella/Vox
Loopers-Delgiht presents: whatever genre or

I'm not really sure the general public chases
down a loop concert as much as an artist w/
a particular sound that they like who happens
to loop.  And I think a fest would actually
be more popular with a singular or more closly
related genres (in some cases - not all).

Anyway, I'm sure I've stepped on a lot of toes here.
Sorry if I stirred the pot.  Just some random thoughts
from a guy posts quite randomly.