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FS: analog Effects, Drum machine, Synths, Stuff. Cool and priced for the 'olidays

A few very cool analog goodies for sale. Some old stuff at lower prices
and new stuff too.

1.Ibanez AD202 rack analog delay. $225. The best IMNSHO. I have two and am
keeping the other.

2. Original 1970s EH Big Muff Pi Fuzz. $165.  EH3003 With original box. 

3. Univox analog Drum machine. $85. Poor man's CR78. Sweet all analog
tones doing the cha-cha and more. Be kraftwerk, Suicide, or yourself.
Built heavy and strong like the Atlantic City lounge performers it was
made for.

4. Music from Outer Space Sound Lab. ONLY $275!!! Fully assembled with
case and internal PS. built by BlueLantern with some mods by me. All sorts
of upgrades including timing mods, fine tunes for both VCOs, CV/gate in,
etc etc. You won't find another all analog two vco, noise, filtered knob
ridden synth like this for this price kids!

5. Vox Brian May amp - $135 VBM-1 special amp. signature sounds of the
"deacy" amp Brian May used on many queen recordings with his special
treble booster circuit built in.

More pedals, Euro Zvex Fuzz Factory module, Synths, circuit bent stuff etc.

Full info and pictures on all the above and more:

I take USPS MO or paypal (buyer pays fees). Pick up in Phila pa  or pay
actual shipping costs and will pack well for free.

Any questions drop me an email. Thanks for looking


Now Available for Purchase with Demos online:

 DAED: Circuit Bent and Unusual Sound Devices
"Making Something Extrodinary from the Ordinary"