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Re: Metheny - The Orchestrion Tour

I haven't seen it, but thanks for mentioning it. I just bought two tickets. :)
My impression is that he is using MIDI (or some other control protocol) to trigger physical orchestral instruments to accompany him. I'm such a Metheny fan, I've got to see it no matter what...

On Sun, Dec 13, 2009 at 7:05 AM, Christo Jota <chris@christojota.de> wrote:
did anyone see Pat Metheny on his Orchestrion-Tour ?
Is it interesting for both loopers and "normal" people?
Iīm thinking about buying a ticket for me and my wife, but
not sure if itīs something for both of us.
I read on Methenyīs website that itīs a solo-performance
using devices to replace other instruments, which sounds
to me like heīs been using kind of a looping device.
Certainly a custom made device built especially for Metheny...
Anyone there who knows more about it?