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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2


I believe you when you talk about the successes you've had with branding live looping. Nonetheless, it's been my experience that every time I tell someone about my looping work, I then need to explain it to them. Usually I say something like, "well, I play one thing for a while, then hit a button, and the computer keeps playing it while I start to play something else....and so on." Which of course tells them very little about what it actually sounds like!
My friends in sales sometime have to deal with a situation they refer to as a "consultative sale", in which they must first help the customer understand that they actually have a problem that needs solving before finally trying to sell the solution to that problem. Such a prospect is known to have a much lower success rate. So it just seems to me that while it is possible to have success selling the public on a festival by using an unfamiliar term that must then be explained, one would think that greater success could be had by branding a term already known. On the other hand, simply by virtue of the fact that live looping as a genre is new, may well have gotten you more publicity than you might have gotten otherwise. And I have seriously thought about a little looping festival here in SF. I've got a couple of venues in mind. It would probably start as just a one day thing, and if it works, do it again as a weekend event.
So I had been meaning to at least attend if not perform at your festival the last couple of years. My primary excuse had been that I didn't have an adequate "festival" performance rig. But I've finally gotten that sorted out. I should post pics of my pedalboard and laptop cases... :)