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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video? (LiveLooping as style)

> If I'm using new musical tools that haven't previously been
> used to their full potential, or simply haven't been
> used by anyone else, then I'm not going to use them to
> conform to some pre-existing genre.
> That being explained, it's rather simple minded of me,
> and perhaps somewhat unimaginative to call the particular
> music that emerges "livelooping".
> It's just a label, if someone hasn't heard of it, and let's
> face it no-one has, then at least it's not misleading.
> I can well appreciate that anyone who uses the new technology
> to work within an existing genre is naturally going to present  
> themselves
> by reference to that genre, that's what I'd do.
> ...however I don't have that option.

for some the tool is just an enhancement for the music of some  
traditional style
for others its so fundamental that it becomes the best recognizable  
element in their music

some say that they *use* LiveLooping
other that they *do* LiveLooping
and some resist to reference a major source of their work...