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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video? (one man band, no style)

I think its a good idea to give a theme to a festival.
Jazz is almost as versatile as LiveLooping is. A Jazz festival usually  
needs a further direction/definition, too.

I completely disagree about the One Man Band definition for  
LiveLooping though: Even though it may be more understandable, its not  
very attractive. I think its the artistically least interesting and  
most economical aspect of LiveLooping: * manage to do the same cheaper  
as a bigger band would do better *.
To equal LiveLooping and One Man Band kills what sounds unique with  
LiveLooping and disrespects what all the musicians playing just one or  
two instruments discovered with LiveLooping!

On 12 Dec 2009, at 14:33, E Gross wrote:

> Just an idea, if getting an audience is the goal, how about concerts/ 
> festivals based around a theme, for example the "Christmas Looping  
> Extravaganza". Performers would then be required to perform  
> Christmas-themed music, something which has the possibility to draw  
> in a crowd. Then it is up to the performance to hold the crowds  
> interest. There is nothing I like more than mangling Jingle Bells  
> with a 20 minute noise wash -- tastefully done, of course   ;)
> Themes could be shortened to "Christmas Concert"; "Spring  
> Celebration", "WinterFest", "Halloween Scary Music Blowout" (this  
> one would probably be the easiest to play at for most LDers),  
> etc.....no need to specify looping in the headline, as most people  
> have no idea what that is anyway. In the US at least, the term "One  
> Man Band" would be more understandable by the general public.
> Eric
> (grossloops)