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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video? (attractive artists)

>>> If you really wanted him to play, then why not simply invite
>>> him? ...only costs you an email.
>> Why not? Always look on the bright site of life isn't it? It's worth
>> trying and it would be fantastic if someone of his level would attend
>> a loopfest.
>> ---
> Indeed, I very much enjoyed his Norwich Cathedral set, however
> I don't think he's a good promoter of live looping to the general  
> public,
> nobody likes his synth sounds, he *only* does ambient washes,
> and he doesn't bring a big crowd.
> I'm at a loss to suggest a high profile live looper though,
> maybe Eberhard Weber(who would get audience) or Theo Travis.
> andy

I agree that Fripp is not amongst the most attractive

the youtube number of views certainly are not an accurate way to  
measure popularity, mainly because some artists don't care to appear  
on youtube while others make a huge effort to become popular. Also,  
older pieces have more views naturally. But since the views go from  
some hundred (for guys like me and most of this list) up to millions,  
let me list the ones above 30'000 (this may also be distorted because  
the same artist may have another video with more views):

As expected, the most popular do Songs:

Battles:                2 million
Imogen Heap     1,7 million
Theresa Andersen 1million       (swedish singer)
Beardyman       600'000 (beat boxing)
Andrew Bird     450'000 (romantic violin and voice)
Final Fantasy   300'000
Phil Keagy              250'000 
Juana Molina    80'000
Reyn                    70'000 (one man band)
Mich Gerber     60'000 (a swiss friend of mine and early adopter of Loop  
Mal Web         40'000  (australian humorous voice)
Kid Beyond      30'000  (beat boxing)

but we also have popular instrumentalists, interestingly the violin on  

(Phil Keagy             320'000 (ebow tutorial, does not count maybe?)
Stephanie Valentin      250'000 (traditional violin)
Mathieu Schneider       220'000 (playing Piazzolla on flute)
Ritsu                            215'000 (playing Hendrix on violin, has 
been on LD)
Matthias Loibner         170'000 (amazing instrument and Mobius setup, he  
played LiveLooping Festivals!)
Keller Wiliams          140'000 (amazing guitar, looping less important)
Zoe Keating             62'000  (yeah!)
Tilmann Dehnhards       42'000 (german flute soloist)
Dosh                            38'000  (unique keyboard and drum music)
Matthew Schoening  33'000       (Cello)

genious players like Eberhard Weber, Arild Anderson, Genie, Bill  
Walker... dont make it to this list :-(

This one made success by being funny and educative. I met Linsey here  
in Brasil and maintain contact, he is a marvelous and wise creator of  
events and instruments and music and education methods! :
Linsey Pollak   400'000

some tutorials reach very high numbers as well, but I dont list them,  
because we talk about music here.
For example our friend Steve Lawson reaches 33'000 with a tutorial,  
while his pieces are way below and some Roland tutorials are far more  
popular even :-(
Robert Fripp reached 190'000 with a video that is not available any  

It took me 2 hours to do this, but I also rearranged the site and had  
my insights...

So what do you say?
do these numbers mean anything?
why has almost none of these guys ever played on a festival?
some of them did appear on this mailing list...