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RE: public response to looping

Zoe said:
>>>um, I see high profile people looping all the time. they are just not billed as "loopers"<<<

Too true. Looping is mainstream. Most people just enjoy what it does rather than what it is... If what you do with it is 'good' then the explanation of how you do it is 'value added' for the geeks. 

I've consciously moved away from playing to rooms full of bassists and music tech-heads - not by excluding them (I'm more than happy when anyone shows up to hear me play! :) ) but by not explicitly favouring them in how I talk about and market what I do. I'm having a whole lot more fun playing to people who see looping as 'that thing that KT Tunstall does', and saving the occasional conversation about looping geekiness as a special treat after a house concert when some nerds have snuck in unannounced ;) 

Gimme a house concert that's all about the stories and the sharing over a gig in a music store any day. Though ideally, I'm happy to play the store during the day and the house concert in the evening ;)