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public response to looping

Definitely doesn't mean that one quits, it does mean that one may 
need to adjust expectations. If you're looking for fame and fortune 
this may not be the way to find it. I believe it was Mathias that 
said somewhere that looping was a sort of self therapy... I liked 
that a lot! It is certainly that way for me. I play for myself and 
some other people seem to get something out of it as well and I'm 
happy for them.

Actually playing the hammered dulcimer gets the same emotional 
response, I think that may be why I've been trying to blend the two 

If I'm hired to entertain, then I do a different sort of music altogether.

If I want to make money, then I do plumbing........

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

>I recall a quote from him saying that it was still his favorite way 
>of making sounds; yet this is the man who went on record saying "you 
>can't sell ambient music" in England.  No kidding, he said nine 
>years on!  Doesn't mean one quits though hm?