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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video?

I caught RF in St Paul's Cathedral back round the time I crushed one of my 
guitar fingertips, and it's a fantastic acoustic space to say the least. 
There's a section above called the Whispering Gallery that transmits sound 
very efficiently; and main floor area; and the crypts below.  I was sorry 
there weren't three of me to hear him play from all places.  I think over 
100 people showed up, and stayed, some were on their lunch hour I suppose 
and dropped in, but there were devotees like myself I suspect as well... 
Marvelous soundscapes.

I recall a quote from him saying that it was still his favorite way of 
making sounds; yet this is the man who went on record saying "you can't 
ambient music" in England.  No kidding, he said nine years on!  Doesn't 
one quits though hm?

From: "paul" <phaslem@wightman.ca>
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Subject: Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video?

> I recall going to see Robert Fripp in Toronto about 12 or 13 years ago. 
> The event was in a fairly small club, I believe the seating was about 
> to 150 and most of the audience didn't hang around long because he 
> rocking the place with King Crimson tunes, he was only playing solo with 
> lots of electronics. Tickets were $10.00 and I would guess that over 
> the audience didn't stay.
> At that time I was very new to electronics after being primarily a folk 
> musician for over 25 years and I really had no idea what he was doing... 
> but it was brilliant. I had brought a date who was bored after about 15 
> min. and wanted to leave so she left without me!
> Paul Haslem
> www.dulcify.ca
> Ontario, Canada
>>>Stupid question: what would Fripp ask for a gig? ;-)
>>When he played Norwich Cathedral on a soundscape tour I
>>think it's even possible he didn't get paid.
>>(except by live cd sales afterwards)
>>If I remember right, the event was free admission.
>>(and there wasn't a large attendance).
>>I expect that finance wouldn't be his first motivation.
>>If you really wanted him to play, then why not simply invite
>>him? ...only costs you an email.
>>andy butler