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Re: What public is attracted by a Y2K Sampler Video?

Paul the same thing happened to me here in NY around 1995.  I saw Robert at a church in the Village.  He was doing a combo of crafttees and then 2nd set a digital version of 'frippertronics' and the latter was intensely loud.  My wife was with me and left after about that.  He was indeed brilliant but I think louder than need be.


On Fri, Dec 11, 2009 at 7:54 PM, paul <phaslem@wightman.ca> wrote:
I recall going to see Robert Fripp in Toronto about 12 or 13 years ago. The event was in a fairly small club, I believe the seating was about 100 to 150 and most of the audience didn't hang around long because he wasn't rocking the place with King Crimson tunes, he was only playing solo with lots of electronics. Tickets were $10.00 and I would guess that over half the audience didn't stay.
At that time I was very new to electronics after being primarily a folk musician for over 25 years and I really had no idea what he was doing... but it was brilliant. I had brought a date who was bored after about 15 min. and wanted to leave so she left without me!

Paul Haslem
Ontario, Canada

Stupid question: what would Fripp ask for a gig? ;-)

When he played Norwich Cathedral on a soundscape tour I
think it's even possible he didn't get paid.
(except by live cd sales afterwards)
If I remember right, the event was free admission.
(and there wasn't a large attendance).

I expect that finance wouldn't be his first motivation.

If you really wanted him to play, then why not simply invite
him? ...only costs you an email.

andy butler

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