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Re: another foot-controller("CLICK")@van Sinn

Damn . . . here's the answer to my just-posted question. So sorry . . . -m

On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 2:29 PM, Loaf citious <loafcitious@gmail.com> wrote:
van Sinn,

Sorry just catching up w/ the mail from the weekend.
No, the metal buttons in question do not have any point
that you know the mechanism has kicked over, it's truly no click..
But, that's what I like about it - it's a sturdy button and I can
stomp it w/ the force of say, a standard boss pedal w/out
any fear of breaking anything.
I've been known to play the drum kit as well so, tapping lightly
always makes me think I'm gonna miss the downbeat.

If you're stepping so lightly on the buttons that you feel the
point of no return, perhaps you might stay w/ the little red plastic ones.

But, take the advice of those here that I learned from and be sure to
prime those little red buttons before plugging in the 1/4 jack.  It
seemed to help.

Otherwise you'll end up like me (perhaps) and start beating the thing
senseless, desperately trying to understand why it worked earlier that
day, before your performance.

I got tired of replacement buttons.


If by "FCB" you mean so say FCB1010 switches are comfi, I beg to differ:
To be sure they engage right at the right time, I have to step on them
on the frontedge.
Because they're hinged, stepping on the mid part isn't reliable, and my
foot tends to follow the signalstream from my brain, which relies on an
optical image of the hinged rectangular button, fed to it by my eyes.
In this special case (i.e. me), interpolated pattern recognition just
doesn't do it :D

I'll take nice pointy metal buttons any day!
BTW, do the ones referred have a clearly 'felt' activation point?

Mikko Biffle
"Running scared from all the usual distractions!"