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Re: OT: Logic Zoom HELP!!!--bouncing tape

Indeed, "bouncing" is the technical term.
On a 2 track reel to reel machine you would record on track 1,
then play that back and re-record it onto track 2,
while mixing in the "overdub".
There was no chance to drop in for mistakes, so you
had to play the whole take perfectly in one go.
Luckily, track 1 was left intact by the process,
so you could do take after take.
Once track 2 was perfect, it was tempting to
bounce back onto track 1 again...and so on.

there's more....
andy butler

mark francombe wrote:
> You are right of course, but Just to be picky the first album I recorded 
> was done on a Tascam somethig DS.. and it had something called SOS, 
> Sound on Sound... this WAS overdubbing with the Erase head off... if you 
> made a mistake you could do it again (cos really it was bounceing from 
> left to right.. or something...) but once you were happy you couldnt go 
> back... so.. scary, but I never knew anyother way at the time... so I 
> er.. wasnt scared!!
> ha ha!
> mark