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Re: OT: Logic Zoom HELP!!!

Hi Mark

> HUH? Per.. where have you been..? Overdubbing is and has ALWAYS been a 
> recording studio term, and absolutely NOTHING to do with looping... 
> apart from the fact that OVERDUB is mentioned on certain loopers...
> Overdubbing is recording on top of a previous recording, without erasing 
> the last... usually by being on a different track...
In the classic analogue tape based recording world overdubbing means: 
record a second track, with the same instrument. Analogue tapes never 
were able to record on the same track twice without deleting  the first 
take. (ok, in 1974 when I was a highschool boy I glued aluminium foil on 
the erase head of my cassette recorder and made overdubbing that way, 
but this is another story...)