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Re: OT: Logic Zoom HELP!!!

If and when you come back to Logic you can check out YouTube tutorials from my dear friend Dave (aka SFLogicNinja).
He covers just about everything you'd need to know about Logic on his many free tutorials!

Just search SFLogicNinja on YouTube.

Good luck!


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On Dec 6, 2009, at 12:00 PM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> wrote:

Quick one to the group that knows..

Im about to throw Logic out of the window with frustration and go back to a cassete recorder, when life was fun!
Ive got a deadline to do a stupid bit of music, and I idiotically switched to Logic for it (its the sounds man... lovig the libraby sounds threw swathes of weird eq and delay)

BUT for the love of GOD!!! Can someone PLEASE let me in on the secret that is Logics Idea of functionaliy in the Piano roll view???
Why the F*** does it make some kinda new "clip" (maybe this a what logic calls a region???) EVERYTIME I hit record??? Im just over dubbing man!!!!! I dont need a new clip.. I just gotta select ALL on the track and do a merge.. EVERYTIME... Im trying to SEE my music and make corrections... how can I do that when every thing i record goes into a new window????


Please.. pretty please... with a cherry.. can somebody please explain what Im supposed to do about Zooooooooming in the Piano Roll? Why cant Apple just have me press Z to get the zoom tool in plus and then ZZ for the Zomm tool ín minus..  (Like in their other product Final Cut Pro) What does Z do here? oh? It zooms in on what ever is selected... usually ONE note... Oh and please nobody point me to the HELL that is the keyboard shortcut window? I have a Norsk eyboard and it relates not AT ALL to anything.. (Well ok Apple C X and V work.. but.. )

So again.. I ask.. what do Apple mean me to do?? Im spending ALL my time on those stupid arrow at the end of the track anclicking small increments just in case I.. Oh shit... now I zoomed it right out again...


Are Apple so damn clever that they want to not use the standard Adobe zoom methods... at least they could have stuck to the same concepts between products...

I know I know Im supposed to read the manual, do a million tutorials and one day.. Ill find out that its brilliant... Sorry.. doesnt work.. Ive learnt dozens of programs in my time, none have given me this much frustration with such a simple thing...

Rant over... sorry guys.. guess I just needed time away from Logic