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Lake Butler Sound - Midi Mitigator CFC-4

I just bought a Lake Butler Sound - Midi Mitigator CFC-4 off Ebay.
I've had trouble finding any information about it...I can only assume because these were made so long ago...and must be somewhat rare.
I figured that I would likely never see one of these ever again! So I bid and now I've got one coming to me soon...
I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the CFC-4 and how it works?...particularly how to program it since from the photos I didn't see any buttons or displays on it...is there something I'm not seeing or do you program it with incoming midi commands from a computer or other device?
The CFC-4 looks awesome, and I couldn't pass it up because I just got an Electrix Repeater the other day too and I have no foot controls for it yet, (this is actually my 3rd time owning a Repeater) When I saw the CFC-4 I immediately thought...4 loop tracks and 4 midi expression pedals...I could control the volume for each track independently if nothing else. Might be pretty cool.