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New Music-Free Download-Bowed Double Bass-Dobro Bass W/Slide-Ac. Guitar-Looping

Hello again you all-

Steve Uccello here letting you know that I just finished a new piece of music that's due to come out in a very artistic, letter pressed package, complete w/ alchemical poetry and burned to high quality, Taiyo Yuden CDR's, we're doing a limited run of 25-coming soon!  

BUT...in the mean time I'm letting people download the music for FREE!  There are two parts to the new release, called:

Clarified Birds: 1. The Forest That Hears And  2. The Field That Sees

They are extended length, super chilled out acoustic ambient, drone, trance styled songs.  I performed them live in the studio, with live looping, then went in and added some things over the top, it features lots of bowed upright bass, dobro slide bass, acoustic guitar, and gong-definitely meant for chilling out to-

Please feel free to visit the wonderful site Sound Cloud (the only site around that seems cool enough to cater to long ambient pieces such as these!) where you can download these pieces, FREE:

http://soundcloud.com/clarified_birds   ENJOY!