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Re: soft-machine

On the subject of Soft Machine, don't forget that that bassist Hugh 
who sadly died earlier this year, was a pioneer of looping. I just found 
this recording, which must be one of the last examples:


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Hi ther
if you are into softmachine then I would take a look at
is GONGs website.
I went to see them last week and it was like stepping back in time 30 
to the Roundhouse in London. Currently doing a uk tour. No connection to 
band just thought I would spread the word. If you are into listening to 
of the all time great concerts for free then goto

Excellent visuals and superb musicianship. Daevid Allen and steve hillage 
still going for it. Excellent.

Also I would strongly recommend

The ultimate live music archive of concert recordings of rock, jazz, 
country, blues, indie with free streaming, downloads, collectible posters, 
rock photos, ...
www. wolfgang svault.com/

For those that weren't there at the time most of the great concerts are 

roger parker