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Uccello Project House Concert DEC 12th 7:30pm Seaside, CA

Hello all!

    -Steve Uccello here letting you know that I will be performing at a house concert in Seaside on December 12th, 7:30 pm and I'd love to see you there!

             I'll be playing Upright Bass, Dobro Slide Bass, Acoustic Guitar, 5 String Fretless Electric Bass, and a bit of percussion.  This show will feature the art of Live Looping, which is the process of recording oneself and playing it back on the spot to be layered up upon. There will also be a couple special guests playing a few songs with me, including my wife, Kathy, Mandolin.  The show will be mostly instrumental with a few vocal tunes peppered in.  If you're curious to hear/see some of the music you'll be in for, you can check out some of my videos here:

Guitar & pizzed Upright Bass: 


Electric Bass w/ lots of harmonics & bowed Upright Bass:


          The show will be at our midwife, Maggie Bennett's, house in Seaside, CA, near Monterey on the central coast.  Maggie delivered our daughter Viola, and is an amazing woman-here's a link to her website-definitely worth a look:  http://www.gentlebirth.net/

     Show details: there is a suggested donation of $12 (which includes refreshments too) To get the address please RSVP by replying to this email or calling me at 831-801-4920. 

Thanks for your time and I hope this email finds you all well!! -Steve Uccello