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Re: OT: Prog Rock in 5 minutes ;-)

About a few months back, I'd written a send up, poking fun at Prog Rock.  
Besides the fact that I am a closet Prog fan(not really a closet one if I 
just admitted to it), I also have a sense of humor.  I wrote a paragraph 
depicting a summary of what Prog was, and then made a list of like 40 
things or more of what makes you Prog, kind of like Jeff Foxworthy's 
version of you might be a Redneck if...  I laughed till I was crying for 
two reasons, One, they hit the nail on the head about Prog, and two, they 
covered about everything I had written and then some(and made it funnier). 
 If you are interested, and if I can find the paragraph I wrote, I can 
reproduce it here. But here were some examples:

You might be Prog if..

Even though your music is complex and mind boggling, your concerts are so 
boring, that you require a dazzling light and laser show, flying 
inflatable animals or mascots(Floyd and Maiden come to mind) or dancing 
naked Amazon women(Hawkwind anyone?) to keep the audience from leaving 
your shows well rested.

Your keyboardist has a Mellotron

If you dumb down your song arrangements, a 40 piece orchestra could play 

your band leader could very well be a cult leader, if he weren't your band 

your band has more sophisticated technology than the studio in which they 

That's all I have for now, thanks for that post.



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> Subject: OT: Prog Rock in 5 minutes ;-)
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> Date: Monday, November 30, 2009, 2:11 AM
> Hi folks
> I couldn't resist posting this...
> http://www.cracked.com/funny-2359-progressive-rock/
> A lot of this is valid for ambient looping, too, I guess
> ;-)
> have fun!
> Buzap
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