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RE: semi-OT: korg mini-kaoss pad??

just a little side note........

the KP and Kaossilator both work fine powered by a Sony PSP handheld consoe adapter I got one for each of mine for 3 a piece with shipping from china!

the kp units are great but i have always found that they attenuate my signal a lot I have never tried running one in a mixer aux type situation but for me the noise floor is enough to put me off using it more which is a shame.........

also I spoke to a Korg guy at a trade show and surgested they made a KP3(L) version with the L being for (LIVE) and having all jacks rather then RCAs (HATE those things) and a more instrument orientated gain structure.. he actually bothered to write down my feedback and also smiled a knowing smile..heres hoping!!


From: looper@theclaypools.com
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Subject: Re: semi-OT: korg mini-kaoss pad??
Date: Sun, 29 Nov 2009 22:21:07 -0600


Oh yeah, much fun. I've been running one in the effects loop of my POD X3 Pro for quite a while. I have 4 cables with RCA jacks on one end and 1/4" jacks on the other to run the unit in stereo. Occasionally I'll "play the pad" but most often will put it in "hold" mode and dial-in a tone with the pad. At the press of a button I can knock it out of the loop if I'm not using it. Heck the High Pass Filter is worth the price of admission. I added the appropriate Korg power supply for a few bucks. 

This past Friday I got a good deal on a KP3 after watching for one for several weeks. The KP3 allows for sampling and resampling, like the old Boss SP-303, and has a few other features. If you're just after the effects the miniKP gets the job done just fine. They are going for $119 new with no shipping on eBay. Commercial ON - I'm selling my miniKP with the powersupply on eBay now. - Commercial OFF.

All the best,

Loren Claypool
genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music
www.lorenclaypool.com and links from there
On Nov 29, 2009, at 8:07 PM, scott hansen wrote:

last night i watched a bunch of youtube clips of guitarists
playing w/ the korg mini-kaoss pad (w/ guitar)
wow, i thought the sounds coming out of that thing was amazing.
has anyone played w/ one, experimented w/ one...it seemed to sound better than
when i had the original kaoss pad yrs ago..
just curious if anyone had any experience w/ one.....

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