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DEC 12th House Concert in Seaside-Uccel(lo o P)roject

Hello all-I hope I'm not getting too repetitive, sorry if so, just want to make sure the word gets out to you all about a house concert that I'm performing at on DEC 12th, featuring Looping using Upright Bass, Dobro Slide Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion. Here's a couple of links to some vids on youtube, if you'd like to hear some of my playing/looping. One is from another house concert that I organized and played at:

w/ Bowed Upright Bass and lots of harmonics on electric bass:


w/ Dobro Slide Bass:


Hope you enjoy the Vids, here are some of the details about the upcoming show:

-Time: Saturday, December 12th, 2009  - 7:30 pm

-Place: House Concert In Seaside, CA (USA)

-contact: email stevebassbird@yahoo.com 

-or call 831-801-4920 for details/directions
-details: Price: $12 (includes show/drinks/snacks!)