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Re: Gibson EDP/Allen&Heath Mixwizard question

Thanks Andy,

The A&H actually sends it's internal effects over aux 5&6.
I ended up running the input to the EDP from Aux 1, then kept the  
output of the EDP to the Stereo Input and this does work, I have a wet  
  I am not really sure why this works, since I thought only Aux 5&6  
were the routable internal effects auxes. Even on the effects list  
right, on top of the board, it has an option for one set of effects  
for Aux 5 and another for Aux 6?

Thanks again for helping me out.

On Nov 28, 2009, at 5:19 AM, andy butler wrote:

> Hi Todd,
> Firstly, let's assume that you're using the EDP on a send other than
> Aux 5, which you also say is an internal fx send.
> The whole secret is that you don't *need* to use an input intended for
> fx return  to bring an fx back into the mixer.
> Bring them back on a regular channel, and then you can do any  
> additional
> routing with ease
> For full flexibility you need to route the Mixer's FX out of the  
> mixer,
> and bring them back on a regular fx channel. I don't know your  
> specific mixer, so I can't tell you if that's
> possible.
> However, if the internal fx has a send to a particular Aux then just  
> put the EDP on that Aux and you're sorted.
> If the internal fx only go to the main output and nowhere else
> then your only option is to bring the EDP back on Channel 3
> and add your fx onto the dry audio in the looper, that's not
> going to get the exact sound you want in the case that you're looping
> both guitar and voice, but then it's the best you're gonna get.
> andy butler
> Todd Chambeau wrote:
>> Looperz,
>> I am looping just an acoustic guitar and vocal with my echoplex  
>> through a Allen & Heath Mixwizard 16:2.
>> I am utilizing the A&H's dual effects through auxes 5&6. Basically,  
>> giving my acoustic on channel one a slap delay, vocals on channel 2  
>> with a hall reverb.
>> The A&H's effects are audible until I loop, then the signals become  
>> dry. I would like to have the loops wet.
>> The EDP's input is patched to Aux 5 on the back of the mixer and  
>> the EDP's output is patched to ST1in also on the back of the mixer.
>> I've tried patching the EDP differently with no luck.
>> I never really utilized the A&H"s effects until now and for the  
>> life of me, I cannot figure this out.
>> Thanks,
>> Todd