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Re: programing liquid foot jr. midi footcontroller with EDP help!

> It's rather simple what to tell him.
> 1) I need to program a switch so that on press, it sends a
> Note-On, and no Note-Off.

well yes, ive told him that and he says thats what the liquid foot does 
and it does in fact send notes ons and offs but they arent working for the 
sus comands,so then he said i had to program that in switch mode which ive 
tried but still not working,so he claims there is a mistake somewhere on 
my part,jesus and im realising how easy the fcb1010 is to program!

> 2) When I release the switch it needs to send the
> corresponding Note-Off (only).

i mean for a 470.00 dlls unit this thing has to be able to do that!

> 3) A similar behaviour with CC would be acceptable.
> 4) I'm used to doing fast combinations of button presses,
> I've found that commands
>  get missed when I do that.  
> > cheers
> > Luis
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > 
> >> 

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