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Re: OT: Blackbird guitars

For sitting down, there's a separate legrest, a stiff triangle made of leather attached with suction cups, which worked very well for me. It's a very balanced instrument, which helps a lot, and with being so light I found it to be quite comfortable. I tried it standing up with a strap button, too, and found that to work well, though the round back feels a little funny (like the Ovations).

Oh, and no, the video is very misleading, it's not the sound of this actual guitar - in the notes Kaiser mentions that his mic wasn't working, so they overlaid audio. It's not Kaiser playing, either (which is probably obvious!).

Daryl Shawn

Thanks for sharing that Daryl.

I'd have to REALLY be in love with the sound (or something) to buy a guitar at that price . . . and general lack of ergonomics.

How does it feel playing it when seated?