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Re: Pitch transposer for retuning?

That Eventides can do it doesn't surprise me; too expensive though..

Do the dhp series handle full chords well?
How about artefacts, tonewise?
IIRC, there are quality differences between the two versions..

I'll need one that'll handle at least 7-stringers, and next year also 
eight strings.
At the moment I need to downtune an E-E tuned 6-stringer to Eb, D, C and 
uptune to F and F#.

james fowler wrote:
> eventide. detune, retune, any sort of pitchshifting with impressive 
> digitech dhp-33 and -55 both do good jobs as well and cost about
> 1/10th what an eventide will run you.
> - jim
> On Wednesday, November 25, 2009, van Sinn <vansinn@post.cybercity.dk> 
>>Anyone using a programmable pitchtransposer for retuning guitars?
>>Just tried this with my ADA PitchTraq.  I used the Effects Out jack 
>only, set direct to zero and effects to 100 (full).
>>Setting Cents to -100 gives me an Eb tuning, -200 a D tuning etc..
>>However, the tone is a bit flaky/blurred when used this way.
>>Any devices on the market which can do this?
>>Preferably without too many gadgets, so I won't have to rob a bank ;)

van Sinn