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AW: Taking VSTs out on the road

> so whats would you be looking at now if you had a budget of 400 - $600 
ebaying for old stuff or look at something like the korg microsampler?

So that's a budget of $600-$660 ;)? I will now assume you meant to type
> i cant get my head around the specs, i live in a world where my nintendo
DS has a 16 GB micro SD card in it , yet many of the samplers im looking 
> surely someone in the tech world is still making this kind of stuff? 

Let's face it: the high-quality hardware sampler has (almost) vanished from
the market. People who had been using something like an Akai S series, E-Mu
Emulator or similar in a studio setting in the past use a computer today.
Example: NI Kontakt 4. People who used one onstage use a synth workstation
where you can load samples (those devices don't have a sampling option,
because - yes, you guessed right - people use a computer for this). 
Roland Fantom XR.
The only hardware samplers (being things that not only can playback but 
record samples) seem to be aimed at the more beat-oriented/DJ crowd - apart
frm things like a Roland SP-555, there' still the Akai MPC series.

> the irony is, i think i know the answer and its.....yup.on a laptop!!!!

Here, you said it yourself...

Ah, and if that weren't enough, storing and transferring data with those
older devices is often a hassle. The standard for this used to be SCSI
(which means SCSI harddisk and SCSI interface for your computer).

Perhaps the simple solution really IS to use a sound module with sounds you
like, and go with that...;)