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RE: Taking VSTs out on the road


so much good info once again on here , thanks to all....and keep it coming...the more you know ...etc!!

The VSTi thing has turned out to be a bit of a rred hering to me at the moment, it dosnt give me what i need yet really.

the sound synth and sampler modules are starting to really interest me i am ebaying and youtubing in tamdem and think i will pick up some fun quirky boxes to work with, i liked the look of the Mo Fat synth module and expanding it with the techno card they do...looks like a good way to get new tones.

I went home last night and worked on the handsonic microkorg xl combination and it worked like a dream. very simple setup which gives me a huge

80 potential user defined scales to play with, im just trying to work out how best ot organise them!!! massivly happy with this find tho.

next thought on this is that i could probably look for a korg micro sampler which with the addition of some downloaded samples would let me create some fantastic new kits and ethnic stuff ( hang drum is what i am reeeeeallly gagging for)  the only thing i wish the handsonic could to is switch between a few samples depending on velocity this would let me strike soft and get hang drum tones or harder to get more percussive slaps...is there any way to set this up?

thanks for all your help and keep the info comeing, i love learning this stuff.


From: mark@markfrancombe.com
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 2009 13:15:51 +0100
Subject: Re: Taking VSTs out on the road
To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com

I have owned several Emu 19" modules but IMO, they sounds a little
dated compared to more recent rack units.
Sjaak Overgaauw

Im sure you are right Sjaak, I have heard this myself... it didnt deter me too much cos I have never been able to afford "the latest things" and Im not really sure what dated means. I still use the EDP for example. ha ha! By the time most of my sound sources hit the mixer, they have been effected to f*** and enjoy mis-treating old gear and spend hours tweaking and mangling patches. I am certainly going to be reading up on all the interesting alternative you have quoted however. My suggestion was merely meant as something one can get quite cheap nowadays.

The Receptor really looks like a cool box, but I wil never afford one in my wildest dreams, so I dont go there!!!! I would however be interested in a box with hard drive, with enough space to keep a bunch of VSTs in, that you can load one at a time. Preferably with a bunch of programmable knobs right there... I want something where I load a VST, configure the knobs to what that instrument needs, and then save it, for later recall.
I can use my Fireworx for most things, but I have made s few cool VSTs in my time, and would love them in my rack!  One such is the Tap-slicer.. a slicer VST where the "holes" that the slice makes are filled in by delay from just before the slice.. in multiple taps.. Can nearly do it using 2 EDPs on delay mode and a slice on the Fireworx.. but its not the same.


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