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Re: Taking VSTs out on the road

from: phillip wilson
I knew sooner or later my ears would prick up and i would start thinking about this one.... virtual instruments!!

basically I WILL NEVER use a traditional "pc or mac" computer in my music..i cant explain why  but I wont, its not my thing...EVER!!

so basically and finally, is there a little box I can use without a screen and whatnot where i can chuck in a nice VSTi synth, some samples and possibly a good drunm kit ( I dont mind using a computer at the editing stage) and then unplug and just have it act similar to the "brain" of a v-drum basically a custom sound module ( or is there any really good midi sound modules you can recommend for drums , ethnic precussion and synth sounds.

There are some vst hardware hosts, but therey are either rather pricey, or lacking in something.. I was looking into this for a bit, same reason, prefer hardware... but I wanted to put some vstīs that I had programmed into a little box... never found a good thing...

On the question of good sources of sounds ethnic or otherwise, I am really seriously loking at the Proteus series of modules.. they are OLD NOW, and relitively cheap on ebay, plus the ROM cards are interchangable some if you get one model, you can stuff in some ROMS form another, so 3 rack spaces can be 1...  I DONT have one yet, but have been drooling for a year or so now...