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Re: Apogee Duet vs. Motu Ultralite

Which version of Ableton are you using? I've been running so far at  
128 without problems. (Knock on wood) Again I'm using a Macbook white  
(early 2009) with 4 gig ram. Are you using a similar computer? Maybe  
try turning off airport? Although I just ran a few tests in Ableton  
using looper with some of Abletons soft synths and didn't have any  
problems. Something sounds fishy with you having to unplug the Duet to  
have changes take effect. I can change the buffer setting by typing in  
256, 512, 128 and the changes take effect immediately. Let me know if  
I can help troubleshoot since I'm a new Duet user as well.


On Nov 11, 2009, at 7:11 PM, Chris Sewell wrote:

> So I picked up an Apogee Duet this week. It does sound really,  
> really good. I did some back to back tests with my Ultralite. It has  
> a much more full sound, with tighter lows and a nice warmth too it.  
> Very impressive sound. Its nice to have a control panel for it right  
> in Logic and Mainstage. The breakout cable doesn't bother me much,  
> you're gonna have cables connected to it anyway, so it's not that  
> big a deal. I miss having a midi interface built in. I would imagine  
> the Duet II will include this.
> The only real problem I have with it is when using it with Ableton,  
> I'm getting some pretty crazy latency issues. It defaults to 512  
> samples in the buffer when you first connect it, and I was  
> experiencing latency of good 1/2 second. Bringing it down to 256  
> didn't make a difference initially. I then have to unplug the Duet,  
> then turn it back on, and restart Live for the change to kick in. It  
> then improved greatly. But adding devices to a channel sometimes  
> would knock back out of the setting. Although the buffer remained,  
> the long lag would reappear, requiring another restart. Very weird.  
> I made sure the drivers were the latest versions, but this still  
> occurs. I was getting frustrated so I plugged the Ultralite back in,  
> thinking I would return the Duet. I immediatly missed the sound of  
> the Duet. I don't think I can go back.
> Does any one have any idea why it seems so sensitive to any changes  
> I make in Ableton?
> Thanks
> Chris