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RE: Soundtrack for the next Loopers Delight movie

   Very nice, this does feel very relaxing and meditative, 
 Soundtrack for "Loopers Delight" "The Movie"???? Yeah let's do it!!!
Perhaps this would work for the "love scene" which incidentally, I'm hoping
to get the part of the male lead, not that I'm lobbying for the role or
anything.......but if I do get the part, I will definitely suggest this for
the love scene, which will be when the male lead (me hopefully, fingers
crossed), wins the Lottery, goes in to the best music store in the world,
buys every instrument and gizmo in the world he's ever wanted and multiples
for his friends (this scene is in slow motion),afterwards, he buys his
lovely wife a new car, perhaps a Honda fit, buys two round the world 
tickets, better yet, charters a private jet, and sets off around the
continent and the world to visit and play with his looping pals and
distribute the afore mentioned gear. It's a feel good Movie the whole 
can enjoy.