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Re: looping with albeton live

I have been experimenting using both. Ableton's looper sets the tempo  
beautifully pretty much every time. If I need more options, I have  
mobius set up on another send. Mobius sometimes makes Ableton a little  
unstable and I have yet to try this onstage, but it works pretty well.
I love Mainstage and how it sounds, but I am getting pops and cpu  
spikes still, which makes me mental. Maybe when I upgrade to 4 gig  
Macbook. :)

On Nov 11, 2009, at 9:09 AM, Buzap Buzap wrote:

> When going into software looping, the main question for me was  
> Ableton vs. Mobius: Structurally, I am looping in a way similar to  
> Ableton, yet, I'd like to have the powerful looping features of  
> Mobius, too.
> So, I have decided to use Mainstage + Mobius and am quite happy with  
> it.
> In fact, with my recent Mobius scripts, Mobius behaves more and more  
> like Ableton, i.e. switching "scenes" with multiple loops... :-)
> best regards
> Buzap
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