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FS: Korg PE 1000 Polyphonic Ensemble - vintage rarity synthesizer

Hi everyone,

I'm parting with my Korg PE 1000 Polyphonic Ensemble synthesizer.

This is a vintage rarity, and those interested in it will probably
know what it is, so I'm not giving a detailed description here.

Introduced in 1976, it was Korg's first polyphonic synth, and
"polyphonic" here means one voice per key of its five-octave keyboard,
so if you want to play clusters with your underarm, this is definitely
the analogue synth to get. The synthesis section includes LP and HP
and a sub-voice, to give a few details.
The PE1000 is a unique analogue synthesizer voice with a specific
sound not found with other devices.

Condition: according to age very well, all keys, knobs and sound
generation work.

Going prices seem to be in the €550-€600 region. Will consider serious
offers, including trade offers for (among others):
  * Kurzweil K2500 or K2600 (keyboard or rack versions)
  * Oberheim Matrix 1000
  * Yamaha FS1R
  * Ensoniq Fizmo, SQ-R or similar
  * Kawai K5000R
  * Korg Karma v2

Shipment: can be picked up and tested in Munich/Germany. Would ship to
anywhere, buyer pays shipping and packaging. Please note that the
price range for sending it is around €25 within the EU (outside of
Germany) and above €100 für the US.
Payment: don't care how you get the money to me, as long as it gets to
me in the amount agreed on ;).

Replies off-list, please.