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Re: looping with albeton live

I have to draw the line Max for live. For the next few months, I have  
to turn my attention to playing. I've spent so much time lately  
getting the software where I need it. I need to play some music for a  
while. I love tweaking, but it's not paying the bills.

Question for you Per. I agree the sync out feature on Mobius works  
fantastic with MS. Is it possible to sync Playback with Mobius? Does  
Playback send out midi clock and song start messages? The  
documentation is not exactly clear with Mainstage.

On Nov 6, 2009, at 10:41 AM, Per Boysen wrote:

> On Fri, Nov 6, 2009 at 4:14 PM, Warren Sirota  
> <wsirota@wsdesigns.com> wrote:
>> yeah, i'd like to do the whole Live 8 & Max4Live upgrade from Live 6,
>> but I just upgraded Logic Studio and I just don't have the bucks! If
>> Live8 *included* M4L (and instruments as luscious as Logic Studio,  
>> and
>> a great loop browser), it would be reasonable, but this is out of the
>> park. It's very cool, but I think the Ableton stuff is very
>> overpriced.
> Unfortunately Ableton can't sell iPods and classy lappies to make up
> for underpricing. I agree Max For Live is very tempting, but I don't
> have the dough for it either. And since I'm a long time Cycling74
> Pluggo owner I want to await word on the promised Pluggo owner M4L
> discount that Cycling74 people have mentioned in interviews. No info
> on that so far from Ableton's. But Cycling indeed discontinued Pluggo
> in order to put enough man hours into M4L developing, so we Pluggoists
> are still a sad bunch of losers in this circus. Hopefully they will
> feel pity and through us something... ;-)
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se
> www.perboysen.com