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Re: y2k9 vid clips index - please post *your* set link


I guess that means the little bit of my set (in 2 pieces) is just what  
is up there on Ustream.

Oh well.

Thanks for doing all that you did Bob.

Probably no one would want to see it again anyway.

On Nov 4, 2009, at 12:52 PM, Bob Amstadt wrote:

> I have all of the original video directly from the camera from  
> Saturday night after dinner and all of Sunday.  Unfortunately, I  
> don't have the original video from Saturday during the day.  I have  
> not had a opportunity to go through the original video and chop it  
> up.  If somebody wants to volunteer to do that, I'd be happy to  
> convert the video to MPEG and send it to you.  Probably the best  
> thing to do is put the MPEG files on DVD and mail them because that  
> many hours of video will be rather large.
> ---
> Bob Amstadt
> Looperlative Audio Products
> (408) 921-LOOP
>> also, is there any way to download a clip? Some of the links on the
>> "show page" seem to be not loading. I'm wondering how long ustream
>> will keep them up there (or exist, for that matter) - I'd like to
>> obtain an archival copy of my set.