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RE: Novation Launchpad, controller of the gods?

At 12:42 PM -0600 11/4/09, Jeff Larson wrote:
>  > Are you sure Max patching or programming is needed to get into deep
>>  control mode with this pad, just because the pads events to send
>>  are fixed?
>It would depend the application you're controlling.  In your example,
>yes you could use the top 8 buttons to select different Mobius MIDI
>configurations that remap the grid buttons to do different things.

You may also find some interesting and helpful resources on 
programming the Launchpad in this article from CDMu:


It outlines the MIDI spec for exactly what the Launchpad is sending.

There's also a link to a Monome emulator (the Nonome) that has 
already been ported to work with the Launchpad.

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