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RE: Novation Launchpad, controller of the gods?

> Have you used an Akai APC40? Do you know if it addresses any of the
> Launchpad's limitations or if it has different ones. 

I haven't looked at it closely, and there isn't much on the web.
The FAQ says it sends out normal MIDI messages over USB and is 
non-programmable like the Launchpad.  

The clip buttons look about the same, though I see some are blue so
they may have more LEDs under them.  I'm certain it has a similar MIDI
note or CC protocol the application has to send to make the pads turn on.

The knobs and faders make this a better all-around controller, of
course it's twice the price of the Launchpad.  If I didn't already
have several fader/knob controllers I would have considered this.

For Mobius the knobs and faders should work now.  Making the pads
light up would require special support.  $400 is a little pricey
for something I don't really need.  Of course if someone were 
to buy me one, APC40 support goes to the top of the 
development list :-)