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Stylophone BeatBox...

Just caught wind of this earlier today.

For those of you who are fans of quirky sound 
generators and/or tiny percussion instruments, it 
looks like we're approaching the imminent release 
of the Stylophone BeatBox ( 
http://www.stylophonica.com./index.php/the-news ).

From their webpage:

"After the success of the S1 [Stylophone] became 
apparent, Dubreq were asked directly if we could 
come up with some ideas for 'follow-on' products 
for the Stylophone brand, the BeatBox was the 
obvious first choice....

The BeatBox features three all new voices, an 
electronic drum kit with useful percussion 
sounds, a human beat-box voice... and finally a 
'bass' voice which give a bass melody option to 
allow you to play a bass line (or set up a 
repeating bass loop) to accompany another 

Here's a video Brett Domino performing a demo 
using two Stylophone Beatboxes: 

And, it looks like it's got rudimentary looping 
capability, so you can do percussion/bassline 

As far as I can tell, it looks like it might be a 
nice percussion complement to any hardware Looper 
who's trying to keep their setup small and light. 
Cheap too, with a MSRP to be set at 19.99.

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    beyond this window, something unknown is watching you and me...."