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Re: eigenharp roadshow

There's a review of Eigenharp in this months Sound On Sound.

No mention of Osc.

Each button is polyhonically pressure sensitive,
and sends controllers if pushed in either X or Y axis.

2 Ribbon controllers, absolute or relative either side of "fingerboard".
Main controller is connected to a base station by a "starquad cable".
...which indicates a serial protocol, so I'd be checking for
 latency beyond that expected by a usb controller. 

Anyway, I guess you guys are more into the pico.
18 keys
4 simple buttons
usb connection (no base station)

Both models use the same control software, which can
host soundfont, au and send out midi & audio.

To get any flexibility worth having, you need to learn a
language called "Belcanto", something the reviewer did not

andy butler
personally, I'm sticking with the klarnet :-)

Per Boysen wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 2:01 PM, Os <os@collective.co.uk> wrote:
>> I think you need to re-read what's already online. There are no
>> onboard sounds at all - it's all done on the Mac.
> Ah, that's good news! I was under the impression that the Mac software
> is just a sort of extension of the Eigenharp's built-in hardware.
> Anyway, I'm still interested in hearing about advanced controller
> capabilities. MIDI and OSC specifications? How many physical
> continuous controller tools? Do they work at the same time as you are
> playing "notes"? Someone mentioned in a video it is "Apple Loop
> compatible", so does that mean you import an Apple Loop into a memory
> and trig it from the pads on the Eigenharp? Or can you even create an
> Apple Loop *inside* the Eigenharp from what you are playing? And if
> that is possible - is the process real-time or is it like in Logic;
> you load up a utility where you type in characteristics for the loop
> and save it to disk.
> per