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Re: eigenharp roadshow

Some of this is already answered:

> MIDI and OSC specifications?

No OSC yet.
"Almost any control from the keyboard or MIDI inputs can be used to
manipulate any parameter in the system."
"Hardware MIDI Output interface."
"Hardware MIDI Input interface."
see http://www.eigenlabs.com/software/

> How many physical
> continuous controller tools?

132 keys x 3 axes per key
2 ribbons
1 breathe pipe
see http://www.eigenlabs.com/alpha/

> Do they work at the same time as you are
> playing "notes"?


> Someone mentioned in a video it is "Apple Loop
> compatible", so does that mean you import an Apple Loop into a memory
> and trig it from the pads on the Eigenharp?

yes - http://www.eigenlabs.com/software/

> Or can you even create an
> Apple Loop *inside* the Eigenharp from what you are playing? And if
> that is possible - is the process real-time or is it like in Logic;
> you load up a utility where you type in characteristics for the loop
> and save it to disk.

I've not heard of any real-time looping capability.